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Pastor Dee is a celebrated author, teacher, radio and TV personality as well as a conference speaker and business woman.


Together with her husband, Ben they pastor Calgary World Harvest which they established in 2004.


She is the founder of All Woman Ministry and Real & Complete Show, both focusing on helping women understand how complete and whole they are in Christ Jesus.


Through these ministries and many other avenues, Dee shares the Word of God with power, humour and personal experiences to help women understand just how important they are to the body of Christ.


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Pastor Ben Adekugbe

Pastor Ben or Prophet Ben is a well loved Man of God who brings the word of God with power and clear knowledge and revelation.


Together with his wife Dee, they pastor Calgary World Harvest Christian Centre, which they established back in 2004.


Pastor Ben uses the gift of encouragement under the prophetic unction to encourage in counseling, discipleship, mentoring, and preaching the body of Christ into stronger faith and purpose in the practical application of the Bible.


He has the ability to relate to others, in groups and individually, with understanding, sympathy, and positive guidance to help them move from pessimism to optimism.

Pastor Dee Adekugbe

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