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Abi Olusoji is called to serve the body of Christ in the teaching office.


As an end time revivalist, he is called and graced to minister and teach with clarity and lucidity the importance of redeeming time in the believer’s life, redeeming time in the body of Christ and the redemption of time in nations and societies.


As a time redemption evangelist, he challenges the greater body of Christ towards the certain urgency of the soon return of our Lord and Master. He carries out this mandate through the mediums of a travelling outreach ministry, a literature crusade, conferences, seminars and television productions.


A seasoned minister of Jesus Christ, coming from a family of pastors, he has walked with the Lord for about three decades. Having started his Christian journey in his teenage years, a deep love for God and the Kingdom has been the driving force and the compelling passion of his life.


As a church planter, he founded and pastored The Living Word Assembly in Charlottetown Canada and for many years has also been involved in various church planting missions.


As a scholar, he has degrees in Communication arts, Peace studies and in International development as well as a number of other professional and religious certifications.


As a writer and published author, he has eight books to date and he has written on leadership, godly parenting, personal self-discovery, time management and on prevailing prayers.


As a resourceful, insightful, practical and anointed teacher and speaker, he has spoken to hundreds of audiences in Africa, England and in North America.


A firm believer in strong homes and family values, he is married to Adeyemi, his wife of over two decades and the marriage is blessed with three great kids. Adeyemi his wife, is the convener of the Praying Parents Network, a ministry for parents that organizes the monthly Family Prayer Hour Fellowship. The core mandate of the network is to preserve the coming generation on the altar of prayer and intercession.


Contact Abi Olusoji - www.abiodunolusoji.com

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