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We belong together


Worship draws the presence of God into our midst and we believe in its power to usher us into the holies of holies.

We love to clap speak in tongues, dance, be joyful, and use every medium to worship God.


WHCC is a house built on prayer and can only be sustained in prayer. We raise up prayers on a daily basis for different groups and needs.


WHCC is a house where the WORD of God is accurately handled in order to bring freedom and salvation. The Word is preached unreservedly and in context using humor and life's experiences to engage listeners.


WHCC is a place for everyone and anyone to belong. We are a community from different backgrounds and walks of life serving God and each other.

We believe in

The divine inspiration of Holy Scripture and its consequent entire trustworthiness and supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.  

The universal sinfulness and guilt of fallen man making him subject to God's wrath and condemnation.

The substitutionary sacrifice of the incarnate Son of God as the sole and all sufficient ground of redemption from the guilt and power of sin and from its eternal consequences.

The justification of the sinner solely by the grace of God through faith in Christ crucified and risen from the dead.

The illuminating regenerating indwelling and sanctifying work of God the Holy Spirit.

The priesthood of all believers who form the universal Church the Body of which Christ is the head and which is committed by His command to the proclamation of the Gospel throughout the world.

The expectation of the personal visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ in power and Glory.

The eternal condemnation of the wicked and the eternal blessedness of the redeemed.

Our purpose is

To love God and love people while making more and better followers of Christ. (Matthew 22:37-40; 28:19-20.)

In a nutshell, we believe in

1. The Bible — God wrote the book thorugh man!

2. God — Three in One! Father, Son and Holy Spirit

3. Human Beings — God’s image bearers.

4. Eternity — Somewhere forever.

5. Salvation — God’s only way.

6. Eternal Security — Believers endure to the end

7. Water Baptism

8. Holy Communion

9. Baptism of the Holy Spirit

10. The Church — God’s design for community

Our History

The World Harvest Christian Centre was formally established on the 14th of January 1995 by the founding pastor, Reverend Wale Babatunde. This was in direct obedience to the Word of the Lord to him to “Build Him (God) a Missionary Church ; an outward looking fellowship; a Ministry that will take as its primary responsibility the task of fulfilling the Great Commission which is “World Evangelisation”.

By the grace of God, over the years World Harvest has been instrumental in disciplining lives for Christ with the gospel, highlighting the depth of human depravity and departure from the absolute standards of divine righteousness. Politicians and leaders in Government in the UK have been impacted by the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of the Senior Pastor. The ministry has hosted and been involved in major prayer conferences in the nation to awaken the Church, our national conscience and avert the impending judgement of God over this land.

From the Mother Church in London , churches have been planted in other parts of UK , ( Manchester , Bolton and Southend), in North America ( Canada and Atlanta ), and Africa ( Liberia , Cotonou , Benin, Senegal, Congo and Abuja in Nigeria.

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